Introducing… X-Truk!

The new X-Truk Clever Folding Trolley -a new addition to the Demtruk brand

The X-Truk is a general-purpose use collapsible clever folding trolley. In other words, it is useful for a long list of applications. For example, it is widely used in solutions for home, workplace, schools, hospitals, logistics, warehouse, shopping, and medical. Seeing that it completely collapses at the push of a button on the handle (along with integrating quick-release wheels) most users find its functionality solution quite effective.

Quick-release wheels store underneath
Collapsing button in handle
Compact folding design

This clever folding trolley comes supplied with one collapsible crate. The crate collapses and attaches using integrated bungee clips. The top platform folds back, allowing space for larger items.

Folded crate
Bungee cord clip activated
Assembled crate

Because extra baskets are available for further customization for this clever folding trolley in various configurations, there are a few combinations:
1. One crate: On top platform OR base platform with the top platform a) up or b) down
3. Two crates: One on the top platform and one on base platform OR two stacked on the base platform
4. Three and four crates: stacked on the base platform

One crate on base platform – top shelf down
Two crates stacked on base platform
4 crates stacked on base platform

The robust foot pedal brake allows locks the X-Truk in position when loading / unloading.

Because of the injection moulded plastic and aluminium design, the product is lightweight and robust. Furthermore, it has a great loading capacity. It’s no wonder this clever folding trolley is so popular!

Foot brake
Weight loading
Compact footprint

As a bonus, the crates fit foolscap suspension files – great for document handling!
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