Demtruk becomes the transport heavy-duty trolley of choice in coffee and catering with its clever folding cart and roll-off platform

The original Demtruk was created by British engineer David Parkin, in 1982. The heavy-duty collapsing trolley provided a secure and effective way for office printer sales agents to move their customer demonstrations between different sites – at a time when copiers were all the rage in the early ’80s.

Since the arrival of the internet in the ’90s, the Demtruk never found its way onto an online retailers catalogue, because its owners were mainly focused on promoting their international engineering services. As a result, it continued to tick along in an organic way by consumers finding it through online search as they realized the benefits it could bring to their product portability needs. Subsequently, distribution channels for this proudly British product were established in the USA, Sweden, Australia and Japan.

Service Technicians:

It was only recently through popular demand when it fell into the hands of service technicians involved in catering, and more particularly within the coffee industry that Demtruk realized it had more to offer the world. Professional catering equipment from ovens to espresso machines was found to be good use cases, along with new users in laboratory, media and engineering applications.


Still Relevant Today:
Now, almost 40 years later the Demtruk has clearly stood the test of time and is as ready as ever to save many years of backache for the hard-working service focussed superhero. The Demtruk is well suited to help with the mobility and delivery needs of catering and coffee machines, providing a safe and efficient single person delivery solution.

The Roll-off Platform Top clips off to slide into the back of a car or van, and the collapsing cart requires limited storage with its compact footprint. Extra handles and straps can be used on either end to provide delivery up flights of stairs and awkward areas. Among its many applications, it’s also a great companion for those who do food markets and commercial catering. The Platform Top has an adjustable working height between 700mm – 940mm.


With so many possible applications that one could think of, the Demtruk has now become one of the ultimate utility carts, and this all because of solving a client request back in the ’80s.