“20% of all non-fatal workplace injuries came as a result of handling, lifting and carrying”

More Efficient and Effective:
In the modern commercial marketplace, customer delivery expectations are high. Companies are always looking for more innovation and efficiency in product and service deliveries.
With the rise of online shopping, companies are competing to delight the customer. Rapid effective delivery is the new normal, even for heavier products.

At the same time, personnel safety is always a priority – for a technical service call out or product delivery.

The use of heavy-duty trollies, platform carts and dollies have all played a role in single person use applications by helping to compensate safely for the additional weight of handling required by heavier loads.

Avoiding Workplace Injury:
The value in the functionality of handling equipment needs to be clearly understood as it relates to injury prevention. There is a wide variety of injuries that need to be avoided, and these may differ vastly from one industry to another. A 2018/19 RIDDOR report showed that 20% of all non-fatal workplace injuries came as a result of handling, lifting and carrying, making this the second-highest cause of work injuries after slips, trips and falls (accounting for 29% of injuries).

The Roll-off Platform Top:
The Demtruk Platform Trolley with its proprietary “Roll-off Platform Top” is perfect for transferring expensive or delicate equipment where lifting in and out of vehicles could cause back strain to the employee. It was initially developed for the movement of heavy office printer copiers. Now, many years later it has become a welcome reprieve for many around the world who are daily involved in moving heavy goods in and out of vehicles.
Developed with a British heritage and tried and tested in the market since the 1980’s, it has been preventing many workplace injuries for decades.

A New Model:
The new 2021 release of the Demtruk 2.0 also now includes a list of upgrades:

  • A 34% wider and longer roll-off Platform Top
  • A clip-on lower shelf
  • Front stair climb handles
  • 2 x compatible load straps
  • A transport shield bag
  • Front locking castors

The black edition Demtruk 2.0 is now available – browse our website for more information.